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I am a wonderful person! lol ok maybe not necessarily, but there are some really cool things about me that a lot of people seem to like. For example. I play drums in the band "A New Tomorrow," whose website can be found here. I also designed all the websites you see here. Umm, some of my major hobbies are riding my bike around town because I don't have a car, playing drums, working on websites, drawing and writing poetry, studying interesting subjects (psychology is interesting me lately, as is music recording).

The biggest influence is my sister, Chelsie. Chelsie was born autistic. At an early age, she went through experimental brain surgery to see if her autism could be corrected. While I don't know the details exactly, instead of curing the autism, it created blindness. My poor sis also as osteopetrosis and a few other diseases, and she's not expected to experience her 20's. However, dispite all she has wrong, she still loves to laugh. She blasts her barney CD's at 2 in the morning and constantly wants to play the "Repeat Me" game, where she will make a strange syllabic noise and demands you repeat it. While everyone in this house is sick of the game, when I'm bored or feel like hanging out with her sometime's I'll play along. I just find it amazing that no matter how much seems to be wrong with her, she will enjoy every day of her simpler life.

Finally, are my two major interests in life. When I graduate, I hope to attend either Wisconsin State University or Iowa State University. I hope to get a PhD in Psychotherapy. I one day hope to be an adolescent counselor, or as most people would say, a "shrink." I think the mind is one of the most fascinating and amazing things ever, with all of the weird habits and creations it comes up with. I also want to help people in everything I do, and I feel that helping adolescents would be the most interesting and close-to-home ways I could fulfill that.
Music is also one of my strongest talents. I love to play music. When I'm not playing music, I'm listening to it. The only music I can't stand is country. Eww. (No disrespect to country fans.) My favorite instrument is the drumset. It's proving the most challenging and enjoyable instrument. I have a little webspace dedicated to it here.

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